Musicians of New York – New Blog!

Dear readers (therefore…mom, assorted other family members and friends). I have finally made the leap into something I have been thinking about for a while. Starting a blog! I have often equated starting a blog with getting a tattoo. I have always said, “If I ever feel a strong enough urge to put a specific symbol on my body then I’ll do it.” To this point, I never have (although, I do quite like a couple of my brother’s tats. I’ll post pics with his permission). I felt similarly regarding starting a blog. I hadn’t felt the urge until now. And behold! Musicians of New York! I know an exclamation mark does not automatically mean my blog will be worth your time…but it at least shows you how excited I am to get this baby off the ground. I need to spend some time thinking and researching as this blog comes to life. All I can tell you at this early stage is my hopes and dreams for the blog. It will be a place for reviews of live music, interviews with NYC musicians/bands (of all genres), podcasts (once I figure that out!) and much more! (when I figure that out as well).

I’m going to leave you with a plug for my band, along with something for your listening and viewing pleasure. By the way, we have our first album coming out this summer, so I’ll keep you posted on that!

The Urban Coyotes are a five-piece rock band playing “rock, twang, folk-grass blues”, drawing on soulful styles from New Orleans to Memphis to Portland. Blending gritty, electric instruments with mandolin, banjo, harmonica and acoustic guitar, the Urban Coyotes perform original music and their own interpretations of Americana classics.